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Hello there!

I am Kerry also known as Multiple Mummy! I have gone from a lover of science teaching, organising thirty pupils or more with Bunsen burners to the chaos and mayhem, that is looking after my three beautiful babies and my husband, plus running a household!

My husband and I have been happily married for seven years and together for for eleven. I went to university to study Occupational therapy and worked in London, working with clients with acute mental illness and then into amputees and surgery. Teaching however was still niggling at the back of my brain and finally I caved in and retrained to become a Science teacher!

My husband and I were delighted when we found out we were expecting our first born Noah! We had always wanted more than one but we never expected it to come along so quickly and in doubles, plus the twin pregnancy was traumatic with Hyperemesis and a high risk of Downs Syndrome playing on our minds! My sister did say, however ‘What did you expect, you call the first one Noah, they were always going to come two by two after that!’

The twins are now 2 years old and the BBis 3 years old. Returning to work is now not possible because childcare cost are too much, and as much as I love my job I cannot pay to go to work! Strangely Mummy hood hood is the hardest thing I have ever done,(and I have done a few, Occupational therapist,  waitress, barman and sales assistant) and the pressure of the huge imprint that I will have on the rest of their lives is huge!

I am loving every minute of being a Mummy but sometimes my brain has so much musing around it that I think I might burst. Especially if I have not seen an adult in the whole day. My poor husband has to come home to my ramblings. So Multiple Mummy blog is my release, my escape and my diary of raising twins and a toddler 15 months apart and the chaos and mayhem that results.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Just to mention – all content is written by the Author (Me!) and therefore my copyright – permission needs to be granted from the Author (me) to use any material from this site!

P.S I also co-write a  blog called Science Sparks that produces lots of science experiments for kids that you can do at home, with a lot of pre-school activities as well! My three loves doing science at home, so go and take a peek!

Feel free to contact me by email, follow me on Twitter and on Facebook and on my Google Profile+ ! I love to chat and respond to all my comments.

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