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Silent Sunday


Flowers, ironing and a short journey!

Three months ago I cursed when Kerry threw a top down the stairs and asked me to iron it. I really hate ironing her dresses and tops with all their frilly bits and pieces. How things can change …….

On Wednesday I eagerly ironed Kerry’s clothes. She has been moved to Colchester and the first […]

Silent Sunday


Chocolate Mousse!


We have had a week now of MM being awake during visits and can now start to dream that perhaps we are on the long road of rehabilitation. She is still unable to move her right side and cannot speak but we have had incidents of her head turning to look at you. There is […]

Silent Sunday


Sleeping Beauty

Sorry for the lack of updates but MM has endured a tough couple of weeks. The infections continued to make her very sleepy and it was rare for anyone to get a response from her. She had another operation on Friday and we are hopeful the infection is now under control. As a result she […]

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


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