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Romance is when you least expect it!

Romance is when you least expect it, Multiple Mummy

Today is Valentines Day. As part of UKMum.TV blogging challenge I am going to tell you a little bit about how my husband perceived Valentines when we met, and how his thoughts changed us both.

Valentines Day is a day for loving gestures, romantic outings, dinners, roses and the possibility of sexy underwear. Or so […]

Home Start UK – Empowering me as a mother. Thank you and Farewell.

homestart- Empowering me as a mother- Thank you and Farewell

I am going to give you a scenario. You may relate to this, you may sympathise, it may be your worst nightmare, but this story is about me at my worst.

‘BBwas 19 months old and the twins were fours month old. On this particular morning I had not put on my make up, had […]

A very simple exercise – questions and answers.

It is always great to find a bit more about someone and this very simple exercise does just that. I have been tagged by another twin Mummy also called Kerry who writes New2Two blog. She wrote 11 questions for me to answer, so you get to know a bit more about me in detail and […]

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday, Multiple Mummy

Saturday is caption Day!

Saturday is caption Day, Multiple Mummy

There are times when I wonder if there is a girlie bone in my daughter’s body. With two brothers around her all the time it is no surprise really that she will play cars, dinosaurs and pirate ships just as well as the boys and her ‘piow piow’ of a gun noise if very effective!


Family Frolics #5 – Snow Time!

Family Frolics #5 Snow Time

This week we had snow! Hooray! It is such a novelty for us here in the UK to get snow and usually the world comes to a standstill, however I think we coped quite well this year and so our Family Frolic adventure is all about the snow this week!

Out came […]

A Winter’s Breakfast – Weetabix Review!

A Winter's Breakfast - Weetabix Review

I have been having difficulties with breakfast. The children are very hungry in the mornings but finding something filling and nutritious that they like is proving tough. They don’t mind cereal but only without milk on it. This is VERY messy and I end up we cereal grains or flakes everywhere that need to be […]

The Importance of Family to me #dosomethingyummy

Family is...

I am the eldest Child of three.

My husband is the youngest of four.

We have three children. Two boys and a girl. (The youngest boy and girl are twins).

The children are lucky to have two sets of loving and supportive Grandparents.

My Grandparent’s on my mother side are still with us. They adore […]

An Unexpected Day of Relaxation (The Gallery)

The Gallery - An unexpected day of relaxation, Multiple Mummy

I remember this day so clearly. It was the first day in 2 years with the three children that my husband and I have felt relaxed with them and I mean, sit back, watch and observe, breathe and be truly relaxed.

We are not stress heads or flappers, although we do beat […]

Pirates Ahoy! Lets make a treasure map!

Pirates Ahoy! Lets make a treasure map!

BBis pirate obsessed. OBSESSED!. His hero is actually Captain Hook, and according to Noah, Peter Pan is naughty because he goes onto Captain Hooks ship without asking.

We wear our Pirate outfit everyday and if it gets filthy, I have to wash and dry it overnight so it is not missed. Thank goodness his Godmother […]

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