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Keeping the Fridge Full with Milk & More!

Keeping the Fridge Full with Milk & More

Keeping the fridge full in my house is a tough task as we get through dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt like they are going out of fashion.

When the twins were younger this was the amount of milk we would get through in one week, and to be fair that has not reduced […]

What to Expect when you’re expecting – Book series Giveaway

What to expect when your'e expecting - book series giveaway, Multiple Mummy

The moment you find out you’re pregnant your mind becomes a whirlwind of questions. The if’s, but’s, how’s and why’s start filling you with hopes and fears all at the same time and the moment of wonderment can become a bit of blur. I still remember with BBthe moment I took my pregnancy test (at […]

Twin Talk

Twin Talk, Multiple Mummy

The twins have reached two years and five months. This is the age when you start to expect some conversation, not full on twin talk, but at least words and maybe the odd sentence. We do not have an issue with noise from them at all, they can certainly be vocal but as for words, […]

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday, Multiple Mummy, Wigwam

We made a ‘Magic’ personalised named Tote Bags!

We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

This weekend BBand set to work on making him his very own names ‘magic bag’ to put all his secret and magic thing in.

Noah’s latest phase is to collect up random things from the toy room or around the house and my handbag and put them in boxes, bags or any kind or hiding […]

Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday is caption Day, Multiple Mummy

It is that time at Mammasaurus blog when you take a photo from the week and see how everyone interprets it! A photo can have a 100 meanings can’t it?

So this week I bring you this!

Best captions please?!

Captions at the ready everybody and come up with your best quote!


Family Frolics #6 – A teeth emergency and a dentist trip!

Family Frolics #6 - A teeth emergency and a trip to the dentist

I always knew we would have to face our first proper injury at some point with one of the children but I just did not expect it to be so young. Last week Chilled Out boy fell over at pre-school. I got the call to pick him up saying that he had chipped a tooth.


Half Term fun with Warner Brother Bumper Box

Half term fun with warner brothers bumper box, Multiple Mummy

I told you this week how Warner Brothers spoilt me with a Valentines Treat, but they also went one step further as they provided me with a package to entertain the children.

We received this fabulous bunch of goodies, including

A Bumper box of toons DVD’s Volume One of Scooby Doo – Mystery Incorporated Volume […]

The Gallery – Just embarrassing or is it?

The Gallery - Just embarrassing or is it?

As I am such a kind soul I checked with my fab friend Kelly back from my schools days to see if I could use this photo. Luckily for her she is not dressed up and looks normal. I on the other hand went as Cruella Deville with a wig that did not dye quite […]

A Valentines Treat from Warner Brothers

A valentine treat from warner brothers

It is always exciting when the door bell goes in the morning knowing it is the post man. It is even more exciting when he has a really large parcel in hands. Being Valentines Day I assumed that my husband had gone out of his way and surprised me with something we can’t actually afford, […]

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