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Silent Sunday!

Silent Sunday, Little Madam

There were two in the bed! (Saturday is caption Day!)

There were two in the bed, Saturday is Caption Day, Multiple Mummy

So put your thinking caps on!!

They were so proud of themselves and giggling incessantly when they sneaked into Mummy and Daddy’s bed! This photo is linked up to Saturday is caption Day, so please let me know your thoughts and captions for this pic!



Family Frolics #2

family frolics 1

Welcome back to Family Frolics – the place where you link up your family fun!

I have been a little under the weather this week and so not as much activity has taken place as I would have liked!

We did however make a pirate ship and role play Captain Hook and […]

Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night Lights

Night Night, Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night lights, Multiple Mummy

As I carefully unpacked the package from White Rabbit England I was eager to see inside as I can remember having a similar style nightlight when I was a little girl myself.

Upon opening I was astounded by the beauty of it. Inside was a beautiful white cottage nightlight that had been hand painted […]

Beautiful Eyes!

Beautiful Eyes Multiple Mummy The Gallery

I think in all honesty eyes are what really attract people to each other. You can tell a lot from a persons eyes, they reveal so much; How they feeling? Whether they have a secret? Are they lying? Their personality type? Love, humour, age, wisdom. Your eyes really are a giveaway to all you are.


One born every minute – Am I a rule breaker?

One born every minute - Am I a rule breaker?

They says rules are made to be broken but to be honest I have always been a bit of a rule follower. I have found this quite hard – I am fairly straight-laced and as a teacher by trade I am more of a rule setter!

On the rare occasions the rules have been broken […]

A cinema first for Noah with The Muppets Movie!


Anyone who is a 70’s and 80’s child will remember and love The Muppets with complete fondness. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear and of course Miss Piggy can hardly be forgotten, but sadly they disappeared from our screens…until now that it! They are back and more adorable and as funny as ever!

Noah, like […]

Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday is caption Day, Multiple Mummy

It is a lovely natural shot of my daughter – don’t get me wrong I think she is truly beautiful, but the camera does not always do her justice. This photo however really captures her inner ‘magic’ which is ironic as she is trying to catch a ball help up by….oooh by what?

So tell […]

Family Frolics – 1

family frolics 1

I have decided to set up my first ever linky and I am quite excited about it!

For those of you that read my blog, ‘family’ is pretty much the word that sums it up. It is literally about my family and what we do. It expresses the things we love doing, like days out, […]

One Born Every Minute – Pain Relief

I always wanted as a natural delivery as possible. I was not anti pain relief at all (although the though of an epidural terrified me) but my Mum had three children all naturally, with a little bit of pethidine, and I felt (stupidly) this pressure that I must do the same. I wanted to make […]

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