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It’s just a phase!

It's just a phase Multiple Mummy

You may have noticed from my post back at the end of the summer that I had been finding things hard. I thought then that it was all my fault and yes, learning to appreciate them all over again through the summer holiday did help ease things, but I have come to the conclusion that […]

Usborne Advent Calendar to Colour Review and giveaway

Usborne Advent Calendar to Colour Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

The 1st of December is creeping up and that means three things…firstly I get to tell you about the amazing Usborne Advent Calendar to colour, Secondly I get my Advent calendar from my Mum as I have done every year of my life Calendar and finally my fabulous Advent Calendar competition begins (go check it […]

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday Multiple Mummy

Saturday is caption Day!

Saturday is caption Day, Multiple Mummy Gymnastics

Yay another week of Saturday is Caption Day! We had a fun time at baby gymnastics this week and got this little pic but what are your thoughts?

So your thoughts please?


Stained Glass Window Christmas Biscuits

Stain Glassed Window Christmas Biscuits Multiple Mummy

We saw these in a book that my Grandma bought us down on her last visit Christmas Cakes and Cookies by Imagine That. BBloved the idea of sweetie windows in biscuits, so I had a go.

The finished article!

You will need:

225g of plain flour

Half a teaspoon of ground mixed spice

100g […]

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Firstly this may sound slightly crazy but I have never stopped believing in you. Dudley Moore in Santa Claus the Movie is just too convincing as an elf – he can’t possibly be an actor!

I just wanted to let you know that I have (I think) been a very good girl […]


11.11.11 Multiple mummy

When you see 11.11.11 written down it looks a little spooky. It is the kind of date set in films with the themed plot being the end of world. Yet, here we still are.

This year of 11.11.11 we saw in another Remembrance Day and payed tribute to our countries heros both past and present. […]

WOW Toys Review and Giveaway!

WOW toys review and giveaway

BBis completely into imaginative play and role play at the moment. Anything in which he can fill out a scene or play a part and he loves it, so when WOW toys asked if we would review Mario’s Pizzeria I knew it would be right up his street. Then upon releasing we had two-year old […]

Top Five Things About Twins!

Top five things about twins Multiple Mummy

It is a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be the most hardest work ever. It is also a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be easy – two babies in one go, job done. To have twins is neither of these thing – it is not either of these extremes, it is […]

Where do you blog?

Where do you blog? Multiple Mummy

This meme has been going round the past week and it has been really insightful getting to be that fly on the wall to see where people blog. I have been tagged in by the lovely mummymummymum to show you where I blog and to decide if it is saintly or slatternly?

This is where […]

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