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Kitchen ownership!

Kitchen Antics The Gallery Multiple Mummy

I can cook. Honestly, I can and quite well actually! It is just that my husband is a little obsessive over his ownership of the kitchen and finds the whole process relaxing so he tends to take over. As a lover of food, and someone who is quite happy to have yummyness brought to me […]

Perform Party Review

Perform Party review Multiple Mummy

A few weeks ago myself and the children were invited to a Perform Party hosted by Perform and lovely Energy PR team. It sounded fabulous and we accepted straight away.

The invite said:

Perform is a unique drama school for children, using a mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated with a focus on […]

I won’t shy away – I happen to love Blogging

I went away this weekend, and had the most fabulous time which should not be a surprise as we were staying in top notch London hotel and had spa treatments and a limo..what’s not to like? However, I always worry about being in large groups of people, as I get very nervous and insecure. I […]

Fudgy Bear Review

Fudgy Bear Review

In the summer I was lucky enough to win a fabulous set of Fudgy Bear books and a Fudgy Bear in a beautiful tote bag on the iMama tv website.

I love the set so much I asked Fudgy whether he would like to be on board with my Advent Calendar competition […]

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday, Pirate, Multiple Mummy


Saturday is caption Day

Saturday is caption Day Multiple Mummy

So I am away on a hen weekend but I could not miss out on this weeks Saturday is Caption Day as I love it so much! So Come up with your best caption for this and I shall look forward to reading them when I get back and shall also check your out! See […]

Handprint Santa’s!

Handprint Santa's Multiple mummy

I love anything that records milestones and that ultimately can be stuck into a scrapbook! I love looking back over them, and even in the short three years of having children, I love to reminisce.

So leading up to this christmas I wanted to make something christmassy that showed the ages and sizes they are, […]

Gorgeous Photo Albums from WHSmith Competition

Gorgeous Photo Albums from WHSmith giveaway Multiple Mummy

One big clue that it is the build up for Christmas coming are all the competitions, but I love a competition, don’t you? You get such a buzz from winning something!

Today I have two beautiful Baby photo Albums to giveaway – one girls and one boy’s from the fabulous WHSmith.

If your […]

Humour and HobMother’s!

Humour and HobMother's Multiple Mummy

Things have been really slow on the humour recently, partly because things have been hard work with the kids, but as we have moved through that phase, the funny has begun again! I have been having some particularly funny conversations with BBthis past week. His thought processes and humour never cease to amaze me or […]

Something to be proud of!

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

I must admit I have been having a huge stress and panic over this week’s Gallery theme. I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to reveal something about me, but upon close inspection I became disappointed and gloomy and felt I had little to offer. I wanted to be quirky and think outside […]

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