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Rastamouse 1st DVD and Talking Rastamouse Plush Toy Review


I have to admit we have never seen Rastamouse before. I have no idea how we have missed him before and we have a lot of catching up to do but we have fallen in love with this furry little Rastafarian rodent who helps fight crime with the help of his gang ‘Da Easy Crew,’ […]

Silent Sunday

Saturday is Caption Day!

Saturday is caption day and is the lovely weekly link up created by Mammasaurus Blog.

All you have to do is study the photo and come up with the best caption!



Music as therapy

I used to listen to music all the time. Now I could barely tell you whats in the charts. Gone are the days of the radio and MTV, and on goes Jake and The Neverland Pirates, of which I know all the words.

As an ex Occupational Therapist who worked in mental health I know […]

Max Balls – A Review!

Max balls review and giveaway

Max balls are brilliant toilet training aid created by a Dad who was frustrated at the lack of toilet training devices for little ones and they were featured on Dragon’s den! If you have read any of my potty diaries with BBand since how he has recently regressed you will no that my potty training […]


Faces, The Galley, Multiple Mummy

You can tell a lot from a face. Wisdom, kindness, anxiety, sadness, and even meanness. It is a big give-away of feelings and signals and when people say they can read your face it is usually true.

Faces also bring such happiness. Especially the faces of those you love. The three face that I am […]

Halloween Witch Cake

I am going to call her Myrtle!

BBand I ventured into the kitchen again for some baking for Halloween. He was very excited about making a witch cake, he came shopping with me, he helped me make the cake, and he delighted in licking the mixer ‘lollipop’ as he calls it, and then slowly but surely the novelty wore off. The cake […]

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Mental health is a sensitive topic. People do tend to shy away from it, even today with the fear of the association and stigma attached. The worry that your making it up, you’re not a coper or ‘it’s all in your head’ make mental health a taboo subject. I think the problem with Mental health […]

Silent Sunday

Little Madam


Saturday is caption Day


Saturday is caption Day – a place to post a photo and come up with a witty line to explain what it going on! The genius behind this creative activity is Mammasaurus herself!

So what are your thoughts for today’s entry!


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