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Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Review – a must have toy!

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

I won the Tot’s 100 Blog Hop with World’s Apart back in May for my Outdoor Craft Adventures post. Winning this meant a great prize of a family set of Peppa Pig world tickets, a Rock n Rolla Cow, a Mickey Mouse play tent and the opportunity to review Worlds Apart Toys. The first being […]

Clutter or Memories?

Clutter of Memories? Multiple Mummy

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to anything sentimental and keepsake ‘like,’ I am a hoarder of it. From cards, letter, books and the children’s things I just can’t bear to part with it.

When talking to other friends, they humour me as they don’t have quite the same obsession. I have […]

It’s home..but not my dream home yet!

It's home ....but not my dream home yet!

It’s home, but not my dream home is a terrible thing to say I know. I realise that I am very blessed to have my gorgeous home, I really am. It is a reasonable sized three bedroom semi, but it is not the home I envisioned raising a family in. Well not yet anyway…with a […]

Our Digi-fun Workshops experience with VTech Kiddizoom

Back in June I told you about Vtech hosting free Digi-fun workshops at the V and A Museum of Childhood during the summer! This is our experience of the day.

The workshops were aimed for 4-9 olds and lasted 1 hour, focusing on photography, film and editing and used VTech toy aids such as the […]

Silent Sunday


Friday Funny!

The other week The Boy and Me commented on one of my posts said so many of my stories involves me being naked! I don’t know why this happens. I am not a naked kind of girl, I am more of a dressing gown and hot chocolate kind of girl, but as I say this, […]

Death by Chocolate Cupcakes!

Death by chocolate cupcakes Multiple Mummy

I love Cake is a new monthly feature run by the lovely Jenny from Mummy Mishaps. Each month she gives a theme and then we makes cakes to that theme. Well it would just be rude to not take part don’t you think? (Any excuse for cake!)

So this week BBand I […]

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures Multiple Mummy

Forgive me husband, for I have sinned! Yes I am going to admit to the world (or at least those that read my blog) my guilty pleasure and that is….PRISON BREAK! Or more to the point Michael Schofield played by the gorgeous Wentworth Miller.

I know that @CosmicGirlie will understand this – I believe she […]

What does being a Godmother mean?

What does being a Godmother mean?

A week ago this Sunday I went to the most beautiful Christening of the daughter of one of my best friends from University. I felt very proud and privileged to have been asked to be Godmother to this beautiful little girl.

I am also very fortunate that I am also Godmother to my best friends […]

Support Health workers Campaign with Save the Children

I have been so fortunate with my health and that of my family, or indeed in the way it has been cared for. I am ex health care professional myself as I trained as an Occupational Therapist when I was at university. I loved the profession in many ways but the calling to teach was […]

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