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A Real Multiple Mummy!

A real Multiple Mummy, Pig, Piglets


Peace at Last!

When I saw this the other week at Wimpole Hall I was in awe! A real Multiple Mummy at work with 13…yes 13 babies, all of the same age and at only 2 days old! To top it all off she got them to sleep at the […]

A precious memory captured forever

Anyone that knows me will know how unbelievably sentimental I am and how much I like to take a precious memory and capture it forever. I keep scrapbooks for the children, I make photo-books, I keep cards, I am a hoarder of memories.

This week’s Gallery theme is summarising just that – it was […]

The Good Knight

The Good Knight Multiple Mummy

When we visited Arundel this week we were wasting time and had a look around some of the antique shops. In one of them was a full suit of armour. BBwas absolutely transfixed by this and the shop owner was very enamored by him and his enthusiasm.

BBasked what it was and Daddy told him […]

Silent Sunday

Peppa Pig World – our AMAZING day!

Peppa Pig World Multiple Mummy

I was very fortunate that back in June I won the Tots 100 Blog Hop for my post Outdoor Craft Adventures with Worlds Apart Toys. My prize included family tickets to Peppa Pig World. We finally made our visit this week and I cannot shout more loudly and clearly about how AMAZING it is! Really […]

It’s sleep time now!

We just had the most brilliant few days away. I will tell you about them in future posts but first let me share this with you. The most challenging funny part of the holiday was staying in a family room – all five of us. This is a witness to our night.

Just to mention:


Junction Junction Hippobus and Beetle Bugs Play Set – A review

Jungle Junction Hippobus and Beatle bugs play set review

Junction Junction is a pre school series featuring on theDisney Juniors channel and has been awarded a BAFTA nomination. It is is based on the stories of animals on wheels that live in the jungle. BBloves Jungle Junction the toys have been long awaited.

I was so fortunate to be sent the new Junction Junction […]

10 things you didn’t know about me!

I have been tagged into this lovely little Meme from Emma at Mummymummymum to reveal some thing about myself that you may not know! Like Emma, I have ended up getting to know some lovely people via blogging and have even met some of them in the flesh but did you know…

1. I used […]

Silent Sunday

You’ve Got Mail….From Postman Pat!

You've got mail, Postman Pat, Multiple Mummy

I think I have mentioned this before, at least on twitter but I have an obsession with post. I get so excited at the thought of the Postman coming and even more disappointed if he doesn’t! (This is not a euphemism for anything; I genuinely like packages…I have just made that worse haven’t I?)

This […]

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