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Father and son look alike!

Daddy, Multiple Mummy, Look alike

When we had BBwe were all a little surprised. He was pure gorgeousness but he looked nothing like I expected. We imagined a little baby with lashings of dark hair and brown eyes and olive skin, and I got a fair skinned baby with blond hair and the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen!


Silent Sunday

Gok Wan, Multiple Mummy Boots Christmas Launch 2011

A change in mentality – getting the blog/life balance!

So I will say it…honestly I will, out loud and in writing. my name is Kerry and I am a blogoholic! When I embarked on the journey (hate that word) mission adventure that is blogging I never really knew what I getting involved in. I was feeling a little lost and lonely. A stay at home mum that adores her children but at times was finding the lack of mental stimulation a little tiresome. Never bored…no time to be bored but not mentally challenged. […]

Travel with three! The Gallery

Oh I love to travel (as long as I can come home). I met my husband when I was 18 and had not really explored anywhere and to be honest it didn’t excite me, it scared me.  As my hubby is 10 years older than me he had already seen a lot of the world […]

What do Gok Wan, Fearne Cotton and Boots Christmas Press Show 11 have in common?

gok wan

What do Gok Wan, Fearne Cotton and Boot Christmas have in common? Well the fact that it was Boots’ Christmas press launch today and Gok Wan and Fearne Cotton were there to launch their amazing Christmas products this year along with Mark Hill and Lisa Armstrong.

It was a brilliant Boots event. Held […]

Toy Testing with Christmas in July with UKMums.TV

Well toy testing is every little kids dream come true, but oh boy it sure is every big kids dream too! (Meaning me!) UKMums.TV invited myself and a number of other bloggers to come along to the Christmas in July event in London, where lots of toy companies would be revealing and demonstrating their best toys for […]

Silent Sunday!

With every cloud comes a silver lining!

blogger of the year 2011

So if you read my post yesterday you will know that I was not having a good day. However, as they say with every cloud comes a silver lining, and well I feel that this is more like platinum! I was informed yesterday that my little blog Multiple Mummy, which has only been going for […]

Rain, tears and a Missed Train!

Today was Noah’s first pre-school trip. All parents were encouraged to come along and we were going to travel by train. I had been nervous about going as I knew I had to take the twins and would be the only one with three toddlers to contend with (others would at the most have a […]

Mums half hour web TV show plus Win a years Supply of Startrite vouchers!

Mums half hour is a web TV series designed especially for mums by mums. The program is made up of a panel of real mums (that’s you and me) and Mummy bloggers who will use the half an hour to discuss different topics ranging from fashion and education to sport and parenting, and they will […]

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