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Silent Sunday

Packing for 3 under 3! Will we ever fit in?

Packing for 3 under 3 - how will it fit? Multiple Mummy

We have been very fortunate to be treated to a holiday with the whole family by my sister in law to Center Parcs – that is 9 adults and 9 children! It will be truly fantastic – if, (being the operative word here) we can get everything in the car and actually get there! It […]

iPhone Heartache

iPhone heartache, Multiple Mummy

I have iphone heartache. I don’t know what to do, I feel slightly tortured somehow.

I have never been a gadget geek until I started blogging and now I want it all; iphone, good computer, ipad. It is not that I am greedy it is just that it all looks so amazing and clever and […]

The Oreo Lick Race Challenge

Oreo Lick Race challenge, Multiple Mummy

Having family time is great. Having family rituals are what make you remember your childhood. Having a treat is just special. So combine these in one and you have the Oreo lick challenge!

The challenge comes in line with the launch of the new double stuff Oreo biscuit and the idea being that by trying […]

A Dinosaur Adventure!

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

The summer holidays have started and I am very excited as my husband is off work for six weeks (the joys of being a teacher) and we get the summer holidays together as a family.

This all started yesterday with our first day out to a Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norwich. The day was brilliant […]

A Pass on the Love Picnic with Persil 2 in 1 with Comfort!

On Saturday BBand I hosted our very own ‘Pass on the love’ picnic with Persil 2 in 1 with comfort. He invited his four friends and their baby siblings plus their mummies to come to our picnic.

‘Pass on the Love’ is a new idea created by Persil to celebrate the launch of their new […]

Silent Sunday

Free VTech Digi-fun workshops at the V and A Museum of Childhood

Museum of Childhood, Multiple Mummy, VTech digi-fun workshops

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that the summer holiday’s are here! Mostly becasue my husband is a teacher and we get to spend six long weeks indulging as a family, in which means lots of days out and fun actvities planned.

One of those activities is a workshop being held […]

A little bit of Vintage!

Vintage, Christening gown, Multiple Mummy, The Gallery

This is Little Madam on her Christening Day.

My little vintage lady!

She is wearing one of my most treasured possessions.

It’s the Christening gown that has been worn now by 5 generations. It was my great Grandad’s christening gown who was born in 1899 and it was made by his sister who […]

I have moved!

Multiple Mummy

Not literally moved as in my house but moved as in my blog space!

I can proudly say I am now a dot com!

That is

I am still me, my blog should still look the same (near as damn it) but I am now using wordpress and have my own domain name. Whoop […]

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