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Turning Three!

All of last week my son and I had the same excited conversation….that being that it was his birthday at the weekend and he was going to be three. He would hold his hand up and show me his fingers. He was going to have a Mickey party and a Mickey cake. This was nearly […]

Exercise whilst you housework: Mumentum!

I am not going to pretend that this week has been a good week; scones with clotted cream and jam, chocolate mousse, (Liska you know what I am talking about – see here if you don’t!), pasta dinners, a wedding and birthday party food does not equal a healthy week.Additionally, the exercise running idea did […]

Silent Sunday

Treat Street: It’s Mummy’s turn to get a treat

It is pure genius! Seriously genius!

That is the new website launched by Boots called Treat Street. Treat street is an extension of the Boot advantage card whereby you can earn points through your online shopping. The site hosts a number of huge brand names such as ToysRUs, New look, eBay, Clarks and Waterstones to […]

The Gallery – Daddy

This is a picture of my husband the day he became a Daddy.

BB20 Minutes Old

Up until this point he had never even held baby, let alone changed a nappy.

He was always cautious and nervous about their frailty and tininess.

He need not have worried. He took to fatherhood like a duck to […]

The Crazy Cost of Childcare and why I can’t return to work!

Finance and money always spark up some great discussions. I hate the way money has such control and influence on everyday life, whether that be the size of your house, the wardrobe you have, whether to private or public school educate you children? Despite this I am not naive to this fact and nor do […]

MUMenTum Week 2: Good intentions!

This week has been an improvement but I am beginning to realise that there is a lot of psychology and behaviour attached to food and the way we or I eat and I need to break a lot of bad habits.

My weeks started with the best of intentions. I went to the shop […]

Science Sparks: Week 6 Invisible Ink!

Hello and welcome back to #ScienceSparks. This week we are playing detective (In special agent OSO style) and making secret messages.  You can write messages or draw pictures to each other in secret ink and then make them appear to see what they say! (Note: it does require heat to reveal the messages so they […]

Silent Sunday

Good Bloggers Pay it Forward Award

I have been a lucky girl this week and have been awarded the ‘Good bloggers pay it forward’ award by not one but two lovely bloggers; the lovely Liska from NewMumOnline and the fantabulous Mrs E from Mummy, Daddy and me makes three. It is so flattering when someone says they like what you do […]

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