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Junior ISAs from Scottish Friendly
Invest in your child's long term financial future.

Preserving innocence and delivering truth – a conflict?

As an ex health care professional and now a science and personal and social education teacher I am used to teaching sex education to 11 years old and older. Very little phases me, I can happily show a picture of genital warts and take a little glee in the shock faces of the 14 year […]

My weekend – The Gallery

This week Tara from Sticky Fingers has asked us to sum up our weekend for this week’s galley post. Easy yes, as my whole weekend you spent at CyberMummy11 which was mind blowing a a newbie like me, but how to represent this in photo’s? All I can say is the weekend really got the […]

Cybermummy 11 Feelings

I know there will be a lot of Cybermummy11 posts, so this is the tale of my weekend told in feelings! Anticipation

This is the feeling leading up to the Cybermummy11 event. The ridiculous amounts of questions you ask yourself. The what to wear scenario. What will be expected and oh God I hope no one […]

Science Sparks – Making Music (Week 7)

In this weeks Science Sparks we are making music using glasses filled with different levels of water. It is a great way to make a musical instrument, pretend to be in a band and learn a little science along the way! So come and take part in science sparks this week! I tell you, I bet […]

Silent Sunday

CyberMummy11 Here I come!

So I have woken at the crack of dawn today not because of little children but because I am bubbling with excitement about going off to CyberMummy today – the biggest Mummy blogging conference held every year.

My Mum is not going to get here until two to mind the children so it is going […]

Tongue-tie and the effects on Breastfeeding – a guest post

I wrote a post this week about breastfeeding and the fact that it is not marmite – you cannot simply love it or hate it, because to many external factors impact on the outcome. I mentioned that one of my best friends Leanne had a baby only two weeks ago and that she had difficulties […]

Three word gallery!

This week Tara at Sticky Fingers has set a mission to see if we can post a photo with only three words. I knew what picture to use as it is three words I used when my husband oh so kindly took this photo! Actually not the three words I said to my husband…you can […]

Breast feeding – it is not as simple as Marmite!

I have had a lot of friends over the last two years who have had babies. It has made us quite a close community but when it has come to breastfeeding (or not as the case may be) not one of us has done it the same. Additionally some of us are second timers and […]

Science Sparks Build a Bridge Challenge!

We are really enjoying Science Sparks and are thrilled with the level of interest so far. We would however love to see more of you take part so we have decided to try to inspire you with a competition. The fabulous Science Museum have kindly donated a Lego Lights Dynamo torch as a prize! There nothing […]

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