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Your Shape – fitness evolved with Ubisoft and NIVEA

Well, I travelled home on a high last night after a great event in London. Not only did I get the chance to meet some other fabulous bloggers that I can now put faces to names but I also got the chance to have an evening focused on pampering and self care courtesy of Nivea […]

The Gallery – Mustachioed!

This weeks weird and wonderful theme over on Tara at Sticky Fingers Blog is Moustachioed!

Just after I found out I was pregnant (with the twins) we hosted a Murder Mystery. It was a great giggle and everyone came all dressed up in their brilliant costumes. The evening was only slightly spoiled by my husband in […]

Respite and Magic Fingers!

So as you may be aware I went away this weekend to London for a girly meet up with my uni friends. It has been eight years since I finished university but it is strange how within five minutes of meeting up it was like we were still there.

One of my friends has just recently got […]

Science Sparks – Week 2 Lava Lamps

Well it is week two of Science Sparks. Mummymummymum and I are really pleased with the interest in week 1 and we hope that this continues! If you have not been to Science Sparks before and want to find out more click here! This week we are going to make our very own lava lamps! […]


MOMenTUM – Week 3!

OK, sadly another week that has not gone according to plan. BBand Little Madam came down with chicken pox and so I have been caged, then my Mum came to visit us while my husband was away on a school trip and we have been out and about all over the […]

Silent Sunday

Mummy Slicer!

Have you ever had that elastic band feeling? The one where you are stretched and stretched until you either ping (and really hurt yourself) or snap under the pressure.

I am being stretched in every direction by three little ‘tinkers’ who all want a piece of Mummy at exactly the same time and are no […]

The Gallery: Chilled out (Boy)

I knew instantly what I was going to do for Tara at Sticky Fingers Gallery this week as soon as I saw the theme. For those of you who read my blog regularly you will already know that I refer to my youngest son as ‘Chilled out boy’ and for those of you who don’t, now you […]

Cuddles and Kisses

Cuddles and kisses, Multiple Mummy

We are a very affectionate family. I am a very tactile person, and sometimes have to be more aware that some people don’t like their space invaded, or to be kissed frequently!

However I did not realise quite how cuddly and kissy we were until my little man BBwanted to go through every type of […]


MOMenTUM is a fabulous scheme created by the lovely Liska at Mummy Online to try and lose weight and get in shape.

She says:

‘For anyone reading this who doesn’t know… there is a group of us trying to lose weight together to lose our Mum Tums. It is no coincidence that the word momentum has […]

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