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Junior ISAs from Scottish Friendly
Invest in your child's long term financial future.

Science Sparks – Week Four Colourful Milk Display!

Yay week Four! So my original idea for this week is postponed because it is going to take some practice to get it right and I know how frustrating it is for children when things don’t work. So a change of plan for this week, simple but effective!  

This week we are going to make […]

Silent Sunday

Save the children helps children grow up!

On June 13th there is a Vaccine and Immunisation conference in London, and Save the Children will be there to launch their campaign to world leaders. The campaign is to;

‘save 4 million lives in 4 hours at the global vaccines summit in June’

As someone that has not only worked in the medical profession […]

Cybermummy11 Meet and Greet!

Cybermummy11 is one month away and I am so excited about going and very excited about learning more – I am a technical dunce and so any help (in step by step process) is gratefully received.

I am going to use this opportunity to say sorry sorry firstly, I have not been about much lately […]

One Month to Cybermummy11 exactly thanks to Born Free!

It is the 25th May. One whole month until CyberMummy11 and I could not be more excited thinking of all I will learn and the lovely bloggers I will get to meet. There is no coincidence that I write this post for today. With one month to go I thought it would be completely fitting […]

The Galley – My Back Yard!

Seems fairly straight forward from Tara at Sticky Fingers this week. My back yard is our haven, our family time where green fingers get to work and spill their magic….so let me take you on a grand tour!

 Firstly out bee haven! Stunningly beautiful and full of bumble bee’s!

  Moving onto our […]

What is Children’s TV teaching my Son?

Now believe me I am not anti TV, it is a great virtual babysitter when in fact you just have not got enough pairs of arms, need 10 minutes peace for sanity’s sake, or when confined to the house due to illness and you have have exhausted every toy and activity ,it is a great […]

Silent Sunday

Outdoor Craft Adventures!

Oh boy have we felt trapped this week. With two out of my three with chicken pox and one eminent we have had to conjure up all sorts of imagination to keep us occupied, from puzzles to bricks, craft, hunting for dinosaurs and out in the garden digging for worms. Why don’t pox parties happen […]

Play with the England Rugby Team!

A chance to play with the England Rugby team? Brand new shirts designed by Samurai for your team plus an AEG dryer to wash and clean it. Surely not? Actually YES, courtesy of AEG who are supporting grassroots rugby in their nationwide campaign.

They are offering 50 schools and rugby clubs the chance to win 22 shirts for their […]

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