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Inside my fridge!

Opening your fridge door and inspecting it suddenly makes you start to question your eating and hygiene habits. It really is quite revealing.

So in the strangest Meme ever (I was tagged in by TheboyandMe and Mummy Mishaps) I reveal to you now the contents of my fridge.

Opening my fridge door and you would […]

Zoo days!

We are so lucky that we live very close to a fabulous zoo and as a result have gold cards that mean we can get in as many times a we like for a whole year! Plus you can use your Tesco vouchers to add towards it so it makes it very worth while and […]

Questions and Answers!

I have been tagged three times by the Boyandme, Polythene Pram and Mummy and the beastie for the Guardian Q and A Meme. There are a quite a few meme’s about at the moment and I really behind, but I am slowly catching up with them. This one though is a good one, as it reveals quite […]

Day 9 and 10 – Potty Training

It has been such a busy weekend that all eyes were off the ball really. My Mum turned up with the very glamourous looking chair potty; voila!

Noah….not impressed! He has now decided that he prefers the red one!

On Saturday I was out all day but my husband told me he managed […]

Silent Sunday

For more silent sunday’s click here

Strained teabags and fearing 30?

So this week has been the lead up to my birthday and like every birthday lover out there I have been counting down the sleeps. Today it arrived and I must say I have had the loveliest day. Presents in the morning, shopping with Mum during the  day and then arriving home to the most […]

Day 8 – Potty Training – an apology to my Son

So today has been up and down and contained one tantrum and meltdown that was not Noah!

The morning started well and he did the first  morning big wee in the potty. Then he decided from then on he was going to refuse to use it. Every time I ask hm to go he […]

Day 7 – Potty Training

Late post I’m afraid as I was out indulging in an early birthday treat from my best friend. (She took me for dinner and the theatre!)

So potty training…

Not sure what to think really. BBwent to nursery today armed with a million pairs of trousers and pants. The nursery are superb and so […]

Home-Start UK – Close to my heart

Home-Start has quite simply been my life line since having the twins. It is a family support charity that is exceptionally close to my heart and one I feel is very important to write about and publicise especially as I have noticed on twitter myself a few more new mummies with twins who have no […]

Day 6 – Potty Training

Well I am trying to contain my excitement but today has been a ‘nearly dry’ day! We had one little dribble mid afternoon, which only required a pant change and not a trousers change and then an accident at the end of the day when it was totally my fault. My student turned up (who […]

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