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Plasticine fun – Courtesy of UKMumsTV and Flair

Back in March I entered a competition on UKMumsTV to win 200 sample packets of plasticine by Flair for my son’s Pre-School to use as themed sessions. My son’s Pre-school is fabulous at putting on themed weeks; a few weeks ago it was the Gruffalo and they made a giant model of him and this week […]

Mr Potato Head Review – Woody and Buzz Light Year

Toy Story is a massive hit in our house. We have all three movies and my two and half year old just loves the characters, especially Mr Potato Head. For his 2nd birthday, he was bought the Woody and Buzz Light year Mr Potato Heads and lets just say they have bought no end of entertainment […]

The Gallery: Green

Ok, so give me the hard topics that we have had the past two weeks and I rise to the challenge and produce something. This weeks theme over at Sticky Finger’s Gallery is Green and I am really stumped! I don’t have a beautiful garden and struggle to make things grow! My grass is more […]

Listography: My Wedding!

With the Royal Wedding drawing closing Kate Takes 5 this week gets us thinking about our own weddings! We had a very strict budget for our wedding of £5000 which sounds a lot but doesn’t go that far. Excluding the honeymoon we managed to keep to this budget and I felt we were very clever with […]

Silent Sunday

For more silent sundays Click Here!

Igniting Passions…of interest!

I always get nervous when asked to dine out knowing there will be people I don’t know. Strangely, this nervousness has increased since not being able to work. Somehow I feel like I don’t have as much to offer the world. This is one of the reason why I love blogging, because suddenly a few […]

Day 13 and 14 – We have breakthrough

I think we have done it! We have really done it!

The past two days have been fantastic…it is like something has just clicked into place.

Yesterday we started the day with one accident. Then later in the morning my husband took BBto the local shops to get some lunch and where would be the worst […]

Scrapbooking! A hoarder of memories!

I can’t help it. I am a memory addict! I just love keeping things that mean something to me to look back on over the years. Since my husband and I started dating I have scrap booked every card, note and ticket of things we have been too together. I keep thank you cards and […]

The Gallery: My Blog

My blog to me could not be represented in one photo – to me my blog is a timeline, a story board or series of events that unfold and represent themselves to you to interpret as you wish. It is my own personal therapeutic release and yes I do hope it sends out the right […]

Day 11 and 12 – Potty Training

We might be very near breakthrough point! Woohoo!

We have had two very successful days. Still a couple of accidents, but far more relaxed and so so close to dry.

Yesterday the wee boy was dry all morning, and then had a nappy on for nap time and then we braved it out at […]

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