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Listography – When I grow up?

This week is being hosted by Manana Mama and her brilliant them of the week is: Things I want to be when I grow up! Sometimes I find it hard to think that I am a grown up. I look around at all that I have and my three beautiful children and think, they can’t possibly be […]

Liebster Blog award and sharing the love!

Yesterday I was presented with a blog award by the lovely Mummy and the beastie.

It’s for people with ‘little’ blogs (less than 300 subscribers) to share blog love and spread the word. It is called the Liebster blog award.

The rules are:

1. Post displaying the award (done), linking back to the person who […]

The Gallery : Education – 999 services

This is my first gallery posting so I hope I have done this correctly! My son has always loved the 999 service vehicles, particularly police cars and fire engines. He was lucky enough at a Fete in the summer to get to sit in one and put the siren on. He was over the moon […]

Learning Science Through Play

I am a science teacher by trade but I am currently having a career break as a mummy, as I had three babies in 15 months who are now two and a half and eighteen months!

Now, I am not your stereotypical scientist; male, white hair and a beard, slightly crazy, glasses and old! Well, slightly crazy […]

Twin Birth – My Labour Story!

Twins, Minutes Old, Labour Story, Multiple Mummy

A lovely lady who writes a fabulous blog at ButtonPatchHome gave birth to gorgeous boy and girl twin’s last week! This lady read my blog and got in contact, because as you can imagine anything more than one at a time is a little daunting so we tend to stick together in a kind of […]

Me and My Shadow!

The twins have hit eighteen months and they are hilarious! They are now so confident with their walking; Little Madam can even look a bit bolshie, whilst my ‘Chilled out boy’ walks around with no cares in the world. Everyone said, with boy and girl twins don’t be surprised if they are not close, as […]

Silent Sunday #3

Conning the Babysitter

I totally underestimated my child yesterday whilst I was out! I never knew how manipulative and cunning he could be at two and half years old! My little man always goes to nursery on a Thursday so the day started out in the usual vain for him. He was dropped at Granny’s by my husband […]

Ideal Home Show 2011

I have gone to the Ideal Home Show religiously for the last five years with my Mum. Even heavily pregnant I walked around determined not to miss some new home ware item that I almost certainly needed! When it comes to home design, I am definitely no expert, but I love things pretty and sparkly […]

Do Spellings and Typos Annoy you?

The pressure is on when it comes to my spelling, as many of my friends, colleagues and hubby are from the teaching world. Despite being a teacher myself, I will admit my spelling is appalling! My best friend (who is an English teacher) will confirm this and so will my husband. In fact he would […]

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