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Junior ISAs from Scottish Friendly
Invest in your child's long term financial future.

Before…and after!

The start of the day! By luchtime!

The madhouse!

Need I say anymore!


Listography – Time travel!

Oh, Katy Takes 5 – This is a very challenging one, and has really got me thinking! (I have brain ache!) So I went down the route of all the things I love and where this would take me!

So in true Bulls Eye style ‘In at number 1 is…’

1. Jane Austen era! (1800’s)

I […]

Luck of the sperm? Determining your babies characteristics!

I am not suggesting that everyone has gone and had an affair and has produced a baby as a fruit of that naughtiness, (however if you have you might not want to show this to your other half!) but have you ever wondered why if you both have brown eyes […]

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I had typical morning sickness in my first pregnancy. I would throw up before work, manage to keep things at bay whilst at work with continuous munching and begin to feel sick again on my way home. I lived off bran flakes and went through 5 boxes in one week! Needless to say my bowel […]

The Gallery : Hair

This weeks gallery theme is hair! Oh help! Now I have had some hair do’s through my time..I have been every colour under the sun including purple and blue streaks (not at the same time!) I mostly opt for red these days! My hair has pretty much remained in a bob throughout my whole life […]

Chick Flick – Movie Meme

Well I confess! I am a true sucker when it comes to chick flicks! As part of Metal Mummy’s theme this week I feel they are great for moments when you just want to indulge in the ‘happy ever after’ or in fact want to watch something that requires very little brain power to follow! […]

Simple Kind to eyes Make up Corrector Pen

Look what came through the post unexpectently last week! Oh how I love post! It came becasue I am a Simple VIP and as such you recieve points and rewards and get the odd freebie from time to time. Well we all love a freebie, but we love it even more it is:


Pasta No Sauce!

When you meet people, they usually have an affect an on you in some way; Positively they can: ·         Inspire you ·         Encourage you ·         Thrill you ·         Motivate you ·         Are kind to you ·         Support you Or in contrast are: ·         Unkind to you ·         Aggressive to you ·         Scare you ·         Worry […]

Silent Sunday!

Unleash your yummy mummy – Make up on the go!

I have decided to include a Yummy Mummy review section to my blog. We all want to know about parenting and our kids, but what about us? The days of fashion, and pretty things should not be left behind because we are now carting around nappies and formula milk! This page is going to be […]

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