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A parent cannot be poorly!

I have linked this post up to Here come the girls Tea and Sympathy Link up because I am full of cold and feel awful again, and yet I still have the kiddiwinks, who now move and are more demanding and I have to tutor tonight, so I am in desperate need of a virtual […]

Can you ever get a break from the kids?

Do you find that when you get the opportunity to go out child free all you talk about all evening are your children! I worry I must be so boring…don’t I have anything else to offer. I am however so guilty of it and last night was no exception. We had the lucky opportunity to […]

The Cynical Romantic

My husband and I have been together eleven years this year which I feel is pretty impressive. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to witness him becoming quite the romantic, however, this has not always been the case. In a first few months of dating (when he was to be quite honest […]

Unveiling My Inner Cyclist!

After watching a family (Mum, Dad and two little ones) blissfully cycling together down the High Street on a Sunday morning my initial thought was, ‘Me on a bike? You have to be kidding!’ and then on reflection I started to think of the positives and this made me question. Could cycling really improve family […]

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