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Sweat and Smiles

When trying to manage or shall we say ‘juggle’ the tasks of Mummy hood sometimes you or I, (as in Kerry (my name!), not Mummy, wife, or tutor) get a little bit put to one side. Well lets face it, where is the time! I have to say, I have been feeling the effects of […]

When the scan reveals a high risk of Down’s Syndrome

When the scan reveals a hight risk of Down's Syndrome, Multiple Mummy

This is my account of carrying a pregnancy with a high risk of Down’s syndrome. It is intended to provide as a support for anyone that ever goes through the same. There is no judgment, everyone has individual thoughts and feelings – this is just my story of what we did and how we felt.


Half-term Mayhem

Most Mums and Dad’s tend to count in term time but our lives are ruled by it, more so, because my husband and I are both teachers by trade, although currently I am not working due to the costs of child care. I always get so excited about the build up to half term, counting down […]

Baby Bath Time Frenzy!

Bath Time Frenzy, Multiple Mummy

I was so grateful that my Mum came to stay with me after BBwas born. I was completely clueless to all the first of everything, because you are out of hospital so quickly now! I was nervous about bathing as I had this tiny little baby that I was still a little cautious to […]

Baby ‘No’ Show!

This year it will have been my fourth baby show and I luckily won tickets so to go. I have always raved about the baby show and was really excited to be going with two lovely girlfriends, plus a day out in London is always good fun. We arrived early to avoid the crowds and […]

Nursery Blues

‘Please don’t cry darling,’ I plead to Noah, my heart breaking at his sobs of ‘Stay at home Mummy, stay here!’ I can’t stand it. For the last three weeks every Monday night I get that feeling of dread as I start preparing him with the knowledge that he will be going to nursery Tuesday […]

Loving Baby Gymnastics!

We always go to the park with the best of intentions. The idea of getting out into fresh air, playing on the swings and slides and lots of fun and games always seems appealing at first. When we get there though, I am always somewhat disappointed. Firstly our park only has two child swings, which, […]

Cupid Babies!

A romantic meal for two…well Marks and Spencer’s dine in for £20 including a bottle of bubbles! Children bathed and bedded and finally the ability to sit down! With so many jibes as to being careful (about the prospect of baby four) as an end result from a saucy night in, you would think it […]

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is My Own!

This evening BBcame running into the lounge with a box in his arms saying ‘Mummy, me present, open it?’ I suddenly clicked that this was my Godson’s birthday present that was out ready to be wrapped for a birthday party tomorrow. I told him it was not his and his immediate response was ‘No, mine!’ […]

Baby Born Free Bottle Review

I was given the lucky opportunity to trial two of the Baby Born Free leak proof anti colic BPA free bottles last year when the twins were only 5 months old. Their aim is to reduce the painful symptoms of colic and wind. Any Mummy or Daddy, that has been up in the night trying […]

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